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Your Phone’s Off the Hook, but You’re Not

I’m so into novelty prints. They probably make up the largest percentage of my wardrobe – puppies, avocados, goldfish, abstract faces, pandas, bananas, naked ladies – the louder, the cuter, or the weirder, the better. The print on this Cath Kidston dress, for example, is what my clothing dreams are made of.


Look at those phones! Look at their cords! They say hello! They say ring ring! They say cheerio! …CHEERIO! Be still my freaking heart. When I spotted this dress, I was sure it wasn’t going to fit. Cath Kidston’s sizing only goes up to a UK 16 (US 12), and I’d recently had a very disappointing experience involving one of their size 16 dresses with a garden gnome print that made my back look like a bag of baked potatoes.

But I am so glad I took the time to try on this telephone dress because it fits like an absolute dream: the viscose fabric is incredibly soft and falls so nicely all over, the pleating at the waist and on the shoulders is perfectly placed, the sleeves are roomy, and it has pockets. Seriously – I can’t say enough good things about this dress. phone-dress-2

Except – and I swear this is finally getting back around to my original point – when I first saw it in the shop, I had visions of pairing it with huge red earrings, bright red boots, and super red lipstick. Nope, nope, and nope. While it might have worked for someone much, much cooler than I am, it just didn’t work for me. I had to sit back and let the print on the dress do its own thing, which means I didn’t have to do much work at all. Black tights, my trusty black Doc Martens, some simple black hoops that I thought sort of mimicked the pattern of the phone cords on the dress, and I was done. That’s the power of novelty prints, you guys!


Dress: Cath Kidston

Tights: ASOS Curve

Shoes: Doc Martens

Earrings: TopShop

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